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    Question Government Grants/Funding

    Was interested to know if anyone has had any luck with federal grants for any fire service related area? They are obviously there for law enforcement as our local police and sheriff dept's have recently received grants for 10 new patrolmen and 10 new vehicles. We have had no luck obtaining any leads on grants that may be of equal benefit to the fire service. Any information or leads on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I have been doing some research for my dept. concentrating on the area of training. You will find (if you hav'ent already) that you will have to dig and get creative since fire service grants essentially do not exist. Too bad we can't have it dropped in our laps like our law enforcement friends. Anyway enough griping; National Fire/Rescue Magasine had an article on pursuing grants in the Mar/Apr issue and had some pretty good web sites to access. Their address is: www.nfrmag.com. Happy hunting, let me know what you come up with

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    Thanks alot, appreciate your input. I will do some digging and see if I can locate that issue. If anything pans out, I will certainly let you know. Thanks again. By the way, where are you located??

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