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    Rapidzap Guest

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    Hello I am doing a staffing study for my dept. and would like to know where others are compared to us.

    My dept has a minimum staffing level of 17 people, Staffing 3 engines and 3 rescues and a battalion chief. Last year we ran over 11000 calls a majority of which were rescue.
    We are doing a study in hopes of getting some extra personnel for a badly needed 4th rescue. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    FF Medley Guest


    My name is Chris Medley. I may have a solution. I am an 18 year old male that Will do anything to become a Full time firefighter. i currently have my FF 1 and i am going for EMT-Basic in JUNE. Any information would greatly be appreciated. Thank you and i hope all your problems will be solved.

    Chris Medley

    Its About "Team work"

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    jmatthe7 Guest


    Our minimum staffing per shift is 21. That covers 3 per engine (5) and 3 per ladder (2)

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    Gill Guest


    Our minimum is at least three personnel per rig. We have 18 front line rigs and three battalion chiefs.



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    firedan69 Guest


    the city in which i live has a minimum of 13 per shift that covers 2 medic units, 1 ladder/engine, 2 pumpers, 1 command car.

    the dept i work for as a dispatcher has 21 full time,2 40 hour fulltime and 7 part time
    the 40 hours work from 08-16, and the part time cover available time from 17-07, our minimum manning per station is 2 full time. we get caught with our pants down alot!!!!.

    Never has so much been done by so few!!!!!!!

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