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    Lightbulb Fire Fighter Recognition Awards

    Our Department is wanting to reward a couple fire fighters with come kind of recognition, one for courage on the fire ground, the other with instituting new ideas. Does anyone know of policies that have been written down for given awards-recognition to FF's. Everyone seems to have negative stuff in policy manuals, but what about positive behavior.
    Any input appreciated..


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    We have a Medal awards for different catagories. The medals are the type to be worn on a Dress Uniform such as the military have. The company we used is Some's Uniforms Inc. in New Jersey but most uniform vendors should be able to get them. I can forward you a copy if you would like.

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    I was recently faced with a similar situation in my department. E-mail me you address, and I'll send you a draft which lays out the awards, and the ceremony / presentation. I think you'll find it helpfull.

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    the only problem with this is peoples feeling get hurt.especially if there are other deserving people.i know our dept gave out a firefighter of the year award and the Chief gave it to his buddy who was a good firefighter when he was on the line but has been an investigator for a couple years now. he doesnt fight fires anymore.There are some darn good firefighters on the line that were deserving of that award moreso because their lives go on the line alot more than an investigators does.There was no critera for the choice,just the Chiefs opinion.But even if there had been critera,the people who are deserving that dont get picked get hurt feelings and thats bad for morale. Im not trying to discourage awarding the hard workers but you need to be careful with it cause i know there are alot of hard feelings on our dept now over this.

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