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Thread: Gen-x ???????

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    Nate Marshall
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    Actually Ive passed them all over. Before I left for my new job doing what I want, to get what I want, I was my first Lieutenants BC. In fact I aced the Lieutenants exam, Captains and scored the highest score ever recorded on Stanard and Associates BC Assessment Center.

    You get the education, the training and once the experience catches up to you your unbeatable.

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    Here's a quote that I hope Nate and some younger firefighters take to heart.

    " Our limited perspective, our hopes and fears become our measure of life, and when circumstances don't fit our ideas, they become our difficulties"

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    Let me say I was surprised to see this topic get such a mixed response. I think all of the Generation-X people who posted here are not in the same category as the ones I was making reference to.

    The fire service needs these new and young firefighters. I justed wanted to point out that the senior guys can teach you more then any book or C.D. rom can!
    My main concern still lies with the rookies who come in and take advantage and think they already know everything. It should be considered a honor and privilege to be a firefighter.If your just starting out never forget what this job is really about.

    NATE; I have a very hard time reading some of your post. You sound like your well educated and have a desire to improve the fire service. However, theres no way a true firefighter would make some of the post you do. Aced the Lt's and Captains test??? I have been a Lieutenant for the past 4 1/2 years and just recently took the Captains exam. No Aces here or anywhere in the department... Stop trying so hard to impress us...... Were Not Impressed!


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