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    just wanted to ask about when everyone got started I imagine they were put on a hiring list? I am currently on the hiring list in my hometown and I am hoping desperately I get hired before the list expires....just wanted to know what everyone thinks about the hiring list process? I have been trying for a number of years in different towns to get hired and now finally feel so close, just keep my fingers crossed....

    Jason Davis

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    Hammerhead338 Guest


    Hay Jason, I got lucky when I was hired, we had one opening and there were 15-15 people testing and I was no. 1. ( this time ) The time before I was no. 2 a new fire chief was hired and he through out the list.

    I think the list is a good thing, right now we have around 15 on our list. The list is good through October, ( I think ) we have already pulled 1 person from the list and there might be a couple of more opening soon.

    Keep trying it took me 3 trys before I got hired.

    Have a good day and be safe.


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