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    Post what was that day like?

    I am inspiring firefighter, I have been trying for almost seven years now....I am on the list to be hired in my hometown...I dream of the day I get the call offering me the job of my dreams.....what was the day like when some of you out there were hired? be safe!

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    the only thing i can say is......Dont give up until you have to...
    I was one of the lucky ones who made it on the first try..
    When i got the call..I was on cloud nine for about a week.. and then came back down for a while waiting to take my physical(it seemed like a year went by,but it was only about 3 weeks)
    After my physical i then had to wait another 2 weeks to get the results and that seemed to take forever.
    after that i had to go in front of the pension board for their approval.they approved me on the spot and sent all the info they had(application,physical info,mental exam,etc)to the state for their approval of me. it took another month to hear from them...i finally got the word....APPROVED But,with no start date yet, it took about another 3 weeks to get a start date ...and when i got the date i again was on cloud nine because i had finally made it...
    I got the call in early june and started training on sept 10.
    The first day of training i was alittle intimidated and scared by the whole thing but excited at the same time
    take care

    joey jones
    pvt 1E10

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