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    Post Work schedule study

    I am studying a 3 shift work schedules. I have looked at what has been posted so far. We now use a 24 on 48 off and deduct for sleep time, use a 28 day cycle for ovetime.
    Please e-mail your schedules if they are different than mine. I would also like to know how you handle sleep time, how sleep time is paiid and the average hours worked in a week with your schedule. Thank you for your help.

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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    My Department works a 42 hour schedule. We work 2 ten hour days (08:00 to 18:00 hours) and two night tours (18:00 to 08:00 hours) then have four days off. This schedule averages 42 hours a week on an eight week cycle. There are 4 groups, the stations are covered 24/7.

    Overtime happens when you are either called in or requested to work a tour other than your own shift. This includes callbacks for fires and for coverage.

    We also have a minimum call back time of 4 hours at overtime rate (time and a half).

    Fire Department details are a 4 hour minimum, $30 an hour. If the detail requires an officer and a crew, the OIC in charge of rthe detail gets paid $35 an hour.

    Sleep time should be paid for any Department...if they require you to be in the firehouse, you should be paifd for it

    We boldly go where no one else dares...
    take care and stay safe
    Lt. Gonzo

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    Aerial 131
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    We work a Detroit 56 10 week cycle. 3 days every other day for total of 6 days then 4 off, 10-11 days per month. Sleep is paid at (I believe I am right) same rate as being awake.

    Also, on the web is a site under some ems web site that lets you figure out a work schedule in advance. I guess it works pretty good.


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    We work a 24 on and 48 off.

    Question for you, are you saying that they dont pay you the same when you are sleeping. How can they do that that doesnt sound legel.

    Have a good day and be safe.


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    In NJ we work the same type schedule as LT Gonzo except we have one day off between the days and nights and then 3 off. There are a few depts that do 10/14 then 4 off. The big trend in NJ is to go to 24/72 and 3off. There are probably 20-30 depts that are now on that schedule both big city as well as small town alike

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    Truckie from Missouri
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    We do 24/48 also. We also have the 28 day pay cycle. We get one shift off per pay cycle called a Kelly Day.

    The advantages to this are:
      [*]To the employee: you get a 5 day off strech, 13 times a year.[*]To the employer: you don't have to pay overtime every pay period to every employee.[/i][/list]
      The disadvantage to this is that when we work an overtime shift, the first 12 hours are at straight time, then after that, we earn time & a 1/2. If we have any other shifts off during the pay period (sick, personal, or vacation) then we lose the time & a 1/2, unless you want to be a real work-a-holic and work OT as many days as you had off.


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    Red face

    It isn't legal not to pay you for time you are at the station asleep, you are considered on call and cant leave the station so they have to pay you. There are some lawsuits out there that have recently been Won about this, I will try to find them. Our department works 24/48 no kelly days, We work a 56 hour work week get overtime for anything over 53 hours a week and are on a 21 day pay period so you will get 9 hours O.T. automatic plus anycall back time. This is a good schedule for us becuase most guys work a second job and this gives us plenty of time.

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    We work a so called "California Swing:"

    On Off On Off On Off Off Off Off
    24 hour shifts with a compensatory day off every 7th shift resulting in a 48 hour work week. Example:
    Work M,W,F Off Sa,Su,M,T Work W,F,Su Off M,T,W,R
    Comp Day F Work Su,T Off W,R,F,Sa

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    pete fister
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    We work 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 4 days off.

    We average 56 hours a week with receiving 2 or 14 hours cycle pay every month. It is given in Comp Time.

    Yes we get paid when we sleep...I can't believe anyone doesn't.

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    We work the same shift as Lt. Gonzo... Four platoons, Two, Ten-Hour dayworks, Followed by Two, Fourteen-Hour nightworks, Followed by four days off. This is a GREAT schedule. You can work a second job, have more time to spend with the family, everything.

    As for the sleep-time???

    You should get paid the same whether you're asleep or not... the politicians do!

    Stay Safe

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    What you need to do is read up on your FLSA, or contact them . To be short they must pay you or allow you sleep time.In general they have to allow you 5 hours on a regular basis, emergency calls excepted.. If they don't then they must pay you at time and a half for those hours. Plain and simple. You should also be getting overtime for any hours worked that is not your regular scheduled shift, even if you were out sick or what ever. Reason is that if you were sick you got paid for the day as a regular pensionable day with no loss of pay ,benefits, pension or senority .

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    we work the same as pete fister but instead of comptime we get overtime pay of 6 hours on our check after working 3 periods without missing a day for any reason

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    I will try to keep this as short as possible.

    The FLSA rulings which may or may not apply to you depend on the status of your organization; that is "public agency" vs. private organization... in short if you are non-municipal and your dept. is owned and ran without direct control of a city/county you are private---and as such must be paid on a 40 hour work week schedule; that is time and a half for all hours over 40 in a 7-day pay period,,,,,,,they cannot base your pay on the 28 day cycle (which they probably are).
    Sleep time must be agreed to by the employees. By taking a job that deducts sleep time that is considered agreeing, but in the beginning when first initiated the sleep time agreement must exist.
    I work what is referred to here as a modified LA shift--(3-platoons)-- on-off-on-off-off-on-off-on-off-off-off-off..

    we continue to be payed on the 28 day cycle with overtime paid at 1/2 rate for all over 212---(this is allowable for public agencies but not private and as such is a violation of FLSA)--and by 1/2 time I mean just that--half of your hourly rate as figured by the amount of hours worked in that pay period--(the higher the hours the less the hourly rate)

    Sorry it is so long winded.. but it is complicated.

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    Thumbs up

    Our guys work:
    2 days (10 hours)
    2 nights (14 Hours)
    2 off
    2 days
    2 nights
    6 off

    averages out to 44 hours over a 16 week cycle.

    Anything over and above regular shifts is double time, minimum 2 hours,

    absolutly must pay for "sleep" time as you call it. As people have stated, guys are in the fire hall on call.

    WE run a 4 platoon rotatation through 4 hallsfully integrated service

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    We work 24 on 24 off with two platoons. Inside each platoon we have 6 sections. Everyother week you get a day off. So each pay period you work six days or 144 hours and recieve a three day break. Once a quarter your three day breaks end with a pay period and start on the beginning of a pay period giving you five days off. We are paid the same if we are sleeping or not, All work outside of that is overtime. Anything over 53 hours a week or 106 a pay period is overtime. Thank God for OT
    Question? If you get paid less while sleeping, Do you get more money per hour for night calls? You're no longer sleeping.

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    F52 Westside
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    You can see the shift schedule we work at this page>> http://www.freeyellow.com/members8/ecarn21/hotshift.htm
    We get paid based on a 53 hour week

    Eddie C. - a.k.a - PTFD21
    "Doin' it for lives n' property"

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    We work 24/48. We also have 17 "Kelly Days". That means, for instants, my Kelly day is Tuesday. Every time my 24 day falls on a Tuesday, I am off. Translates to 5 days off in a row every 3 weeks. O.T. is anything beyond a regular tour. We average a 48 hr week.

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