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    ednic Guest


    I work a painter for a gentleman. He is very understanding of my schedule. I believe that all the firefighters on our department work second jobs.


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    Profireman Guest


    WOW glad to hear someone works a 10/14 besides me lol
    Nearly all of us work another job.
    I install fire alarms..How convenient eh ? haha


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    Lt.Todd Guest


    I also work as a sub teacher,very flexible on the days I work.
    However,I have to say that part-time work is destroying the fire service.I see alot of guys who treat the fire service as their part-time job and thier part-time job as thier careers.Guys come to the station tired and more concerned about the next paint job, then training for a possible rescue.I'am not saying we shouldent work part-time, we just need to keep in mind what our true job is.Maybe one day we will be paid what were all worth! SERVE WITH PRIDE

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    Jeff Daigle Guest


    I work part-time as a fire instructor for Lamar Univ. (Industrial Side)
    All of our part-timers work for local Depts.
    It's all the fire I want to play with, a free lunch(sometimes even a free breakfest), and I even get paid for it. Can't beat it, unless I was a bartender part-time.(If I did that part-time I know I would get in trouble)

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    fdbxny Guest


    Too bad we are not paid enough to only work ONE job. Whats your union done for you lately?

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    pete fister Guest


    I work 2 side jobs on days off.

    1) Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse...very flexible with my hours. I pretty much tell them when I can work and they understand that Fire Dept comes first with OT, Fire and Dive call outs, etc.

    2)Berrien Removal Service - Body removal company...ya I know.

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    FitzBFDT2 Guest

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    My second job is taking care of my 22 month old son. I am Mr. Mom. Wife is a teacher and we do 24/72's so it is pretty good. I love it and don't have any regrets about not working on the outside.

    Kevin M. Fitzhenry,
    Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
    City of Bayonne (NJ) FD

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    Bleve_30 Guest


    Why the sour attitude fdbxny? I think that most firefighters work work the second job mostly just to keep busy. Only a few of our guys work a little sideline stuff, and none of it is for another boss. Thanks to the union we have great benefits and decent wages with a lot of time off to enjoy a great lifestyle if we choose. Not to mention the safer working conditions that are fought for by the International. They also do a lot of research into issues that affect all firefighters, not just ones belonging to the Association.

    My wife works and we have two kids and we still live paycheck to paycheck, but it beats the heck out of pumping gas...

    Money can be tight for anyone, regardless of how much they make.


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    aussie george Guest


    i'm from sydney australia we work the 10/14 4 on 4 off roster.1 have 2 second jobs mow lawns 1 or 2 days a week and also drive a cab 1 shift a week.99% of firefighters i know work a second job over here.the dept doesn't mind as long as we turn up for work on our rostered days.also as of late i have been doing the best second job of all overtime,there has been heaps of o/t here as of late.
    stay safe out there

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    dtj Guest


    Firefighting is my second job. Full-time, I'm a Shift Commander at a state prison; part-time, USAF firefighter for 22 years, active-duty and reserve.

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    fireman_387 Guest


    My second job is a fire equipment sales company I co-own with my wife. check it out sometime at . I have been in sales on my off duty time for 5 yrs now. Wife has a new respect for the job now that she nows the depth of things.

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    parisfireops Guest

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    Fulltime Civ. Firefighter for Ark. State Military Dept. ANG (ARFF)- many 2nd jobs (1) taking care of my two yr. old daughter and its great. (2) Serving as a the Ark. ANG. (3)Adjunct Instructor for Ark. Fire Academy (Industry Program). (4) Volunteer Firefighter for my home town and on the County DEM for Haz-Mat, and County Rescue squad. Sounds busy but I'm really not.

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    ffhammer Guest


    I work part-time as a medical attendant for a local mining company. I also teach at the local college. I work the extra jobs so that my wife can stay at home with the kids. I'm with LT, let's remember the difference between a career and a job.

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    ffnbs Guest


    I drive a schoolbus during the school year and install in-ground pools in the summer. Most of the FF in my dept. have second jobs. I don't think we took this job to get rich, even tho' I am a second generation FF I could never see myself sitting behind a desk my whole career.

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    14Rescue1 Guest


    Work per-diem for an ED based ALS ambulance service in the next city, as well as being a SGT in the NHARNG. On top of this became a member of the regional HazMat Response Team.

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    Leroy140 Guest


    With a wife and 3 kids, who we want to raise with their mother home, I have always hustled. In the winter, it's home heating oil, which had the added bonus of learning the streets since I wasn't raised in the town I work in. I've been at that for 9 years. In the warmer months, for the last 3 years, I hop to the other side of the fence, working for an oil tank removal and remediation enviromental contractor. Both places employ several firemen, so they know the drill. Works out great, although sometimes, I only see the wife and kids as I'm coming and going for a shower and a change of clothes when I'm on nights. But, my dad did the same thing for us when we were small, and if it avoids day care and the associated hassles, than it's worth it.

    Leroy140 Fairfield, CT Local 1426

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    LisbonTrainingOfficr Guest


    I work 24/24. Also vollie at home. They do more runs than my primary job. I also work for an electrical contractor. He is really good about overtime and time when I need it.
    Stay safe.

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    CCFDfiremedic Guest


    I work part time as a paramedic for the private ambulance company here in Vegas. Most of the people I know do have other jobs to keep you busy. We work a 5/6 schedule so 6 days off in a row leaves alot of extra time.

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    hot DAMN Guest


    Now I know that this might stir up some stuff.... but are you UNION roofers, Plumber, Electricians etc? If not, how do you feel about being scabs? Hope you all paid your union dues. IAFF all the way BABY!!!

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    Frkoe2 Guest


    When im not doing my FF job in the city (10's 14's), I work as a paramedic on a non t/p unit in one of the suburbs. And yes, they are both union.


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    Sirene Guest

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    We have over 200 firefighters on our job and if you need something done you can usually find somebody on the job that does the work on their off days.
    What a great way to save money.
    Also a good way to make extra money.

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    RADFIRE Guest


    Wish I had a cool job like Smooth Willy, but we all gotta do what we gotta do.....carpetcleaning here.

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    DOG 4035 Guest


    My second job is with The Long Island Ducks Baseball Team, as an usher. The Ducks are in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. The stadium seats 6500.

    "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog." STAY SAFE-STAY LOW

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    Hot Damn...most of the firefighters who work in a trade as a second job are self employed. If they have other people working for them, chances are they are brother and sister firefighters!

    They do not bid on large construction projects that unionized carpenters, electricians, welders, etc. would be working on. They more than likely do the small jobs, like building an addition to a house, changing over a service from fuses to circuit breakers, replacing a water heater, etc.

    I do know of a brother jake who drives truck for a shipping company on his time off..and he holds a membership card from the Teamsters!

    Firefighters: rising to accept the challenge!
    Captain Gonzo

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    AFD137 Guest


    I work two off duty jobs: number one-U.S. Department of Justice-Instructor at the Center For Domestic Prepardness and the 2nd job is Driver/Supervisor Talladega Superspeedway Talladega, Alabama

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