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    Question Need some information.

    Okay here is the deal. The local township government has asked for proposals to supplement the volunteer fire department with full-time staff. What I need is information pertaining to pay scales (FF/EMT - FF/Medic), benefits, EMS only vs. combination service and minimum staffing. The township has already asked for proposals from the city FD and the local private ems service to cover ems only. We currently have 3 stations with one sitting right in the middle of the district. We cover 44 Sq miles and make approximately 2000 calls per year, 1200 medic calls and 800 fire calls. As with most volunteer departments we are experiencing a severe lack of manpower. It was primarily during the daytime hours but, has become a 24/hr a day problem. I know this is all kind of vague but I need to start somewhere. So let the questions and answers fly and I will compile the information and turn it over to our commitee. Thanks for all of your help.

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    the volunteer dept. i work for has part time paid ems during the day...0700-1630, works prety well,we try to keep at least 5 on station except for calls....2 cross trained in fire . has not been working out very well lately....usually just 2 emts. the chief and a couple of officers are pushing for full time staffing 24/7, maybe by this time next year...as far as pay goes...we just get paid for ems... $6.50 for emt
    6.75 for emt-i
    7.00 for medic
    pay scale should go up for full time....
    if i can be of any more help please let me know


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