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    Question Pay Differential EMTP vs. EMTI & EMTB

    I am currently looking to submit a proposal to the city government concerning pay differential for EMTP. The deparment only provides BLS response at this time, but several members are interested in increasing this service. The department currently provides 3% differentials for EMTB. The differential is in addition to years of sevice pay grades. (The only members who are not EMTB licensed are a few who have 10 yrs or >.)


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    Ten percent of base salary would not be too much to ask for a paramedic rating, due to the time involved in training and recertification. For EMT-I seven percent would be reasonable.

    We get 2% of base salary for having our fitst responder recertification and 5% for being an EMT-B/D. We also have the option of taking our EMS payments on a weekly basis or as a lump sum.

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    Our new contract started June 1st. The paramedic incentive is $2000 starting June 2000, $2300 for June 2001, $2500 for June 2002. This is added to the base pay. We are paid every two weeks so we get part of it with every check.

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