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    Question That Day

    just wondering about the day everyone was hired and what kind of feelings they had and what kind of anticipation you had....I am still waiting for that call! I can not imagine what it will be like...stay safe brothers!

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    I could spot the envelopes from the city in my mailbox from halfway across my yard! I got hired at the end of 1997. There was an unexpected glitch, because my department never changed their vision requirements in writing, and I'm blind as a bat, so they tried to flunk me on my preemployment physical. People in the office started telling me I might not get the job after all, and I was scrambling around for info about the ADA and other departments' vision policies.

    It was really exciting to have gotten as far as I had, but it was a tough holiday know, all those family gatherings where everyone wants to know what you're up to? I had no idea what to tell them! To make it more fun, I worked at a hospital fulltime - I was in transportation, so I knew people all over. Somehow they all knew I'd applied to the FD, and I couldn't walk down the hall without everyone from X-ray techs to medics in the ER asking when I was leaving, only I didn't know if I was ever going to!!

    The funny thing was, nobody ever called me to tell me the vision issue was resolved. I just came home one day and found an envelope with a "Welcome to the Richmond Department of Fire and Emergency Services!" letter in my mailbox. I sat and stared at it for a while, then started making phone calls. I still have every letter I got during the process, including the original ad from the newspaper

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