You'll have to excuse me folks,some of you mya feel I'm trespassing on your ground. I am a vol. FF/NREMT-B O.K. some of you just left probably but thats O.K. too. I posted this topic on the Firefighter forum and I would like to hear from you on this. I posted a situation in wich a fellow FF was there for me in an instant that could've gone very bad,but did'nt! Share one that sticks in your mind, I submitted this after reading a post that someone did'nt believe we were Brothers a his fellow FF would not be there for him. Well I may be getting the call soon but, Paid or Vol. I work with you all the same and would give anything and everything for YOU my Brothers & Sisters!

GOD bless and hold our fallen HEROs!
Stay safe & Take care of each other!!!!