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    Question Projecting Special Events

    I am a professional firefighter/paramedic and union member. I am seeking info on projecting for special events in our city. At the present time these events are being covered by private ambulance companies. I am seeking info on startup and general operations of such a program. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank You and stay safe.

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    Are you referring to staffing a FD ambulance off-duty with union members "volunteering" their time? And are you referring to "protection" or "projection?"

    We started providing a "free" ambulance for High School sports events and some community events, because the city wouldn't pay us to do it. We felt the FF's presence was important and good PR for the union. We made sure every FF there wore an IAFF shirt or a FD shirt with OFF-DUTY on the back, so the community knew it was the union making this effort and not the city. We also diplayed a large IAFF sign and talked up the union to everyone we saw.

    Eventually, the city started to pay us for public education work and we're hoping that will extend to other community events.

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    I am refering to EMS coverage at sporting events. The prive ambulance companies are making a killing from High School Sports to the pros. There is plenty of money being paid out by the athletic organizations. The city will not back us, so I am researching the idea of doing it with the union. It is not just high school sports. It also includes minor league hockey and baseball. A division 1 NCAA university, a convention center and sports arena. The list goes on and on. We would rather not have city involvement. We would staff the events with off duty people, but they would be paid. The police make $20-$25/hr doing the same events for security off duty. We are researching the firefighters doing the same for EMS. Thanks for the response. Stay Safe.

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