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    I'm looking for information concerning a 10/14, 3 shift, 56 work week, work schedule. Does anyone work such a schedule? The only examples of 10/14 schedules I've heard of are 4 shift and a maximum of 48 hour weeks. Currently working a 24/48, 3 shift, 56 hour week, and management has proposed (demands?) that we go to a 10/14, 3 shift, 56 hour work week and we aren't very excited about going to a 10/14 under these conditions. I would appreciate hearing from those of you that work 10/14 schedules as to how those schedules work and if any of them are 3 shift. Thanks in advance.


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    We work the 10/14 4 shift roster here in NSW, Australia.
    Luv it.
    Just enough time on and just enough time off.
    Its easy to work the overtime,our two middle days off are the allocated o/t days.This leaves time to recoup b4 you start back on shift.
    Annual leave is rostered with in it as well.
    That is roughly, 32 weeks we get a month off thence another 24 weeks we get a month off.
    Some times you get 2 months a year sometimes you only get 1.
    This is only a basic overview. But we like it here!

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    The 10/14 work schedule requires four groups to average the 42 hour week over an eight week cycle. If Management wants (demands?) that you go to a 10/14 working 56 hours, let them figure it out!

    We boldly go where no one else dares...
    take care and stay safe
    Lt. Gonzo

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    Yea we work the 10/14's with 3 men. We only have 3 paid firefighters/dispatchers that cover 24hours.. It actually sucks!! We work 2 10 hour days at 08:00-18:00. Then work 2 14 hour shifts from 18:00-08:00 with one full day off. I wish we could change this with a extra full time man. This is very tiresome becuase we do dispatching for PD, fire/ambulance so basically you cant do the full sleep. only cat naps.

    This opinion is of myself and does not reflect any of the department or the city I am employed by.

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    I should also include to my message above we work 4 days on 4 days off, thats day day night night 4 days off then back into it.
    Utilising a 4 platoon roster our stations are manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
    The manning at each station depends on the appliance attached ie: 1 pumper = station office and 3 firemen.
    pumper and rescue =1 s/o 5 firemen (2 for the rescue).
    Some of you guys in the states seem to be doing it tough, I don't envy you at all!

    Good luck Andy

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