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    Question Union Stewards

    I was asked to research the subject of Union stewards for our Local. We currently do not have them and are thinking of implementing that type of system. I would be grateful for any information on this topic. You can post it here or email me at

    Thank you.

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    Shop Stewards can play an integral role in your union. They are liasons between your elected officials and you. Depending on how large a department you have will determine how many stewards you need. Our department has four platoons and two stations. Each platoon has their own steward, and since the stations are close enough, the shop steward can keep in touch with everyone.

    When any type of problems or questions arise, your shop steward is the immediate union representative. It's nice to have union representation come any disciplinary meetings, or if you have a problem you think is grievable. The steward can be in contact with the local president or vice president, and can basically serve as your all-around union official. You should still attend your locals meetings, and you can have the floor whenever you need it to air out your questions and concerns, but sometimes it's nice to have someone right there you can talk to on a day to day.

    Pick someone on your shift that is well-rounded, never too opiniated, and has a strong union background. Past elected officials make great stewards.
    It should be a nominate and elect type of deal within your shift.

    Good luck

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