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    Question Looking for Union answers....

    Currently, I am a Captain on a part-paid Department that is now seriously looking at adding some full time personnel. I am currently a UAW member in my full time job now, and would like to stay Union if hired for one of our full time positions.
    I've surfed the websites of most of the unions, IAFF, etc. but was hoping someone could lend some firsthand advice.
    Basically what I want to know is how does a new full time Firefighter join a Union like to IAFF or other State Union, and what are some other key points that may arise with starting from scratch.
    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks and stay safe....

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    Good question. I belive your are in Michigan? It is the state associations job to do this. The Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union web page is at http://www.mpffu.org/ I belive they have kits they can send you to help you out.

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    Doc, the IAFF is a large union, that is both good and bad, but its members are all F/F and parmedics etc, and it swings a lot of clout in Washington, you should defiatly check it out.They have always been good to my local, but thats just my opinion, I have seen small Depts getting hooked up with non-firefighter unions before, It never seems to work out well,

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    You should contact the IAFF at http://www.iaff.org/

    I'm in a local with 55 members...and I can't begin to tell you how much clout the IAFF has gained in Washington and State governments in the past 5 or so years. Which is enough of a reason to consider membership in my opinion. The IAFF has many many other things to offer, but I'll let them tell you.

    btw... I know of several small locals in the IAFF in my area (25 members or less) and the IAFF has a wonderful database & support for contract negotiotions that these locals would have no means of obtaining otherwise, due to the financial costs of researching alone.

    PLUS...We throw 1 Helluva Convention lol

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