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    Post Heart and Lung Bills

    Are any of you covered by a Heart and Lung Bill? How is it set up? Any information would be a big help.

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    The firefighters of Massachusetts are covered under a presumptive heart/lung law. I do not know the paticulars about this, but if you contact the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts at www.pffm.org they should be able to assist you

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    In NH, firefighters are also covered under a presumtive heart/lung bill. I don't know all the details (you'll see why in a minute), but it assumes that certain diseases that were not present when starting in the fire service were contracted/caused by the fire service employment. A fund is set up to pay expenses of firefighters so afflicted.

    The catch? In the finest NH tradition, the law is on the books and in effect, but is funded with $0.00.

    You read it right.

    Stay Safe.
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