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    Question 10/14 vs. 12hour shifts 48hr work week!!

    We currently work 12hour shifts with a 48 hour work week. There are 7 of us Firefighter/Operator's manning 2 stations Sunday thru Friday,and Saturday's are manned by part-time Firefighter/Operators. We work the same 4days for 4weeks then rotate. 12weeks of days,12weeks of nights,and 4weeks as the floater. Does anyone have a 10/14 that they think would work better? Thanks!!

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    How about 2-10 hour days, followed by 2 14-hour nites, follwed by 4 days off? That's a 42-hour work week.

    Or-- 24 hours on, 24 hours off, 24 hours on, 5 days off. Also a 42 hour week.

    We do a Kelly schedule--- week 1- Tuesday/Thursday (24 hours each), Week 2- Monday/Friday (24 each) week 3- Sunday/Saturday (24 each) for a 48 hour week.

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    We too work the 10/14's and I don't like the way we have it currently set up. At this present time we work 2- 10 hour days from 8am to 6pm. Then turn around and do 2- 14 hour night shifts from 6pm to 8am with 1 "Real" day off in between with rotating days off each week. We do with with 3 men to cover 24 hours. This revolves around a 56 hour week avarage. I feel if we hired 1 more guy to cover we could go to more days off.. I'm trying to convince our chief to try to get this done.. Our department has 3 full time firefighters/dispatchers.. 1 Full time chief working during 7-3pm, of course. and 26 paid-per-call volunteers for a city of opx. 4,000 people.

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    here in mt.pleasant michigan we work a 24 on 48 off you get 48 hours per week I work 8-16 have two days off and work again on 8-19. works pretty good for us I think cantu_fabian@hotmail.com


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