In honor of all the men and women fighting fires throughout the Western U.S., we wanted to share an excerpt from our book.

There are a few gripping stories about wildland firefighting in the new book: "The Heart Behind the Hero" ... available now at

Here is an excerpt, written by Battalion Chief, Jim Ellis, from California in reference to the Malibu Firestorm of 1993:

... When the wall of fire crested the ridge--night seemed to turn into day. The wind blew thirty miles per hour, plus, and brought the heat and flames uncomfortably close. The temperature rose considerably.
As the heat intensified, I was overwhelmed by the sense of awesome responsibility--the responsibility I had to protect my crew. The danger of the situation was immense. While these brave firefighters gave me the thumbs-up to continue, I realized that even in the gravest situation they wouldn't make the personal decision to walk away from the job they came to do--or walk away from their fellow brothers and sisters. They came to fight this fire and depended on me to take care of the rest. These firefighters and their families were counting on me to make the decisions that would bring them home safely ...
... As the fire advanced rapdily toward our position, we were pelted with flaming firebrands and hot ash. Again I checked my crews, monitored their positions and asked if they were doing okay. "We're doing great, Chief," they replied.
The wind-driven fire made its way to the bamboo, which exploded into flames like a torch. The fire front grew at an alarming rate ..."

This is a great collection of stories from firefighters across America ... and a touching tribute to America's bravest.

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