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    NUMBY Guest

    Thumbs up Capt. Gonzo

    I noticed you went from Lt. to Capt. Just thought id say congratulations on the promotion.

    Anything i say in the forums is my opinion and does not reflect my department or any organization i belong to.

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    Thank you, Numby! It means a new group, new station (HQ), more responsibility and the compensation that goes along with it.

    It's a different world in The Big House!

    Firefighters: Today's heroes protecting our tomorrows....
    Captain Gonzo

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    FFTrainer Guest


    Gonzo -- at least you're getting the compensation for it. Most of us just get the added work and headaches!!!


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    benson911 Guest


    Way to go Gonzo!

    Too bad you're back to being a junior member of the forums...lost all that seniority!

    But seriously, congratulations!

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    FFE3BFD Guest

    Thumbs up

    Congrates on the promotion from your Bro's in Jerzy.

    ~Smooth Bore For The Hard Core~

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