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    Talking Pregnant Firefighters

    Background info.. I'm a call firefighter and an instructor (left the full-time slot several years ago to pursue other interests.) My girlfriend recently got hired on full-time FF/EMT. We just found out that she's pregnant!
    Problem is that she's scheduled to start the recruit program this fall and would be six months pregnant at graduation. They expect her to go and then work a couple months after that. I'm not against her working...although I'd prefer that she be assigned to the dispatch desk or maybe EMS only for a while...but, I'm not so happy about my unborn child being exposed to high heat and toxic gases...
    Anyone else have an experience with this matter? How has this been handled in other departments? Thanks!

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    I know of departments who have put female firefighters in Fire Alarm for the pregnancy after their physician has determined the time to be put on light duty. They also put had her stay in the Alarm room until she fealt that she was sure she was able to do the job after she recovered. The EMS thing is good BUT, is their EMS unit going to do any fire work if they happen to catch a job? I know Paramedics that worked up until their ninth month and wouldn't let their partners "watch over them" so to speak so it really is up to her.

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    I cannot imagine why anyone would risk the safety of their unborn child by working a fire.



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    First get a good Doctor. Then have her file a Federal Medical Leave request. It is available to any occupation. You may need to give up pay, but it will save your job. I don't think an unborn baby and fire school mix. Good luck.

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    the # one concern here would be the girlfriend (wife) and the unborn baby that would be at the very top of the list, have her make plans to go to the school at a later date. let get the baby here first before she goes in fighting fires and exposing her and the baby to the gases. We need to look out for our future and she is carrying your future. be safe

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