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    Thumbs up Promotional Exam

    I've recently signed up to take the Lieutenant's exam...study materials include the following IFSTA manuals...

    Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement
    FD Company Officer
    Fire and Emergency Services Instructor

    Any advice (besides "study hard")?


    Stay Safe.
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    Is the exam being given by the State of New Hampshire, ie, Civil Service, a private examination firm or is it being given by the Department? I would recommend doing a lot of reading...when I studied for the Captain's exam, I did no "pleasure" reading with the exception of quick scan of the newspaper. (I even brought the books with me on vacation, reading them on the beach!) I spent as much time as possible reading and re-reading the texts. I would get up earlier than usual, make some coffee and use the early AM hours to study...many times my wife would wake up in the middle of the night to see me asleep on the couch with a textbook in my hand!

    I went through more than a few sets of highlighter pens marking out different sections of each book. You have to remember that they can make up a question using anything in the book. You have to highlight the obvious. I used a color code with my highlighters...anything that was a question on a past exam was noted with either a different color or a T (year), for example..if they asked a question from a particular paragraph , I would nmark it with T99, meaning that this was asked on the 99 exam.

    If there is a promotional exam school in the area, take advantage of it. I took a promotional school course. They don't tell you how to study...they tell you what to study. They usually analyze past exams to see where the questions are coming from. I scored #1 on the Captain's list for my community and got promoted on 17 August 2000.

    Hang in there and good luck!

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    Captain Gonzo

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