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    Question dual role-too much for one person?

    I was in another forum, and saw the subject of dual role departments. My question is- does anyone think being a fire/EMS combined department make for a watered down, or more rounded employee? I do both at my department, and wouldn't trade it for the world. I get the best of both, be it riding on a med unit, or riding on an engine. Ij this world of budget cuts and having to justify our jobs, I feel we have no choice but to expand our practice and take in EMS as another of our duties. Not to mention that most firefighters are action oriented, and the opportunity to partake of both fields keeps it interesting and challenging. Let me know what you think!

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    Fire and EMS work well together. JHA

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    i disagree with the idea of providing both services i believe that each service is a seperate career that demands high amounts of dedication and time all to its self. to be truly educated in both fields ones home and family life would be negatively affected. also for unions to back such an idea is cutting our own throats goverment penny pinchers can come up with enough without us adding to it. do we get the salary for both i for one think not.

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    Personal opinion, but it depends on the type of call volume. If a department is constantly running "other than EMS" then dual roles may not be realistic.

    Departments that are light in non-EMS calls (like mine) unfortunately need something to show the public their tax money is wisely spent. In most cases EMS fills that need.

    I know people that live in cities where the FD doesn't do EMS. Alot of them think the firefighters are sitting inside playing cards or dominoes, sleeping, eating or watching TV. The doors are down and the apparatus floors are dark until the rare fire comes in. Public support is next to nil. One department is still using 1970's generation SCBAs on their first due apparatus because of the lack of public support.

    The private ambulance companies in these towns are relatively busy too. If the box said "Your Town FD" instead of "We-Haul-Em EMS MICU" on it, public perception and support would change immediately.

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