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    Post should convention move

    iam a firefighter in the city of baltimore where we have a mayor who enjoys brow beating his firefighters in the name of saving money. he has given the police a 33% raise over 3 yrs, we got 3% this yr. he has compared us to public works, suggested that we preform other duties during down time ie painting park benches, sorting mail ect. Mayor O,Mally has alreading closed 7 companies and 1 chief with rumors of more to come. all this while he and the city concil enjoyed a very nice pay raise this year, he has also enlarged his cabinet.i think its absurd that firehouse would continue to bring revenue into this hostile city! HOW ABOUT YOU ?

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    I have watched what has been happening down your way and am amazed the fire chief never said anything about closing the houses. I also remember when the last mayor wanted to explore contracting EMS out to a private firm. Never heard the chief then either. It's amazing how the cops get what they want and we have to cut here and there and do more wiht less. We go throught he same things as you guys. We are still trying to get the 2nd man on the engines and the 3rd man on the trucks but it won't happen, but the cops get more men each year. What are doing wrong?

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    A hearty YES from the crowd!

    It should move to Dallas!

    Isn't O'Mally the guy that 734 wanted to be the mayor (over Tufaro, I know 734 supported Bell in the primary)?

    The candidates we are supposed to support continue to stab us in the back and twist the knife...

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    the union wanted bell, then bell began to have problems saying anything inteligent well the membership choose O,Mally you know good irish lad and all. What happened after that i have no idea

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    I watch in amazment as O'Malley dismatles your department. It all looks so familar. Did you know how tight Martin is with Dutch?? Is it possible he has taken a page from the Ruppersburger management book?? You bet. I support the withdraw of all Fire service events that support the City of Baltimore's coffers. Good luck!! I know how you feel.

    Michael R. Rehfeld
    Baltimore County, Maryland
    IAFF Local 1311

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    Not only do I agree with pulling the convention from there. I would make sure I went public with what is going on.Newspapers,Tv,fliers,door to door,Heck stand at the local dept store and explain to the people that this "mayor" who is supposed to be looking out for the publics best interest is jeopardizing the public's and firefighters lives all while lining him and his friends pockets.Now as for the police,I wouldnt drag them into this because as far as Im concerned they are certainly underpaid also,they too put their lives on the line and may be getting more of the pay they deserve for this,The same pay you also deserve for risking your lives.But like I said I would go public with it.If your area is anything like ours,the public will support you big time if you keep them informed..I know there were a couple rumors of a station being closed here and you want to see the public go into an uproar....well it just wasnt a pretty sight.

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