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    Profireman Guest

    Question IAFF Union Dues

    I'd like to compare what other IAFF Local pay in union dues per month. We are discussing raising them..Ours are approx.$40 per month...which is comparable to 2 of 3 neighboring Locals.


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    Truck 2 Guest


    Scott we pay $31.00 a month right now, our dues are based on 1% of a class three firefighter pay. As we get pay raises our dues go up. I think the International would like everyone to pay 1% of their base pay. Hope this helps you some!



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    9m18 Guest


    We pay $24/month. It's based more on our costs (dues to IAFF, AFL-CIO, Prof FF of NH) than a percentage of income.

    Local 3708 IAFF
    Professional Firefighters of Wolfeboro

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    Hammerhead338 Guest


    When we started your union our dues where $20.00 a month. Last year the members voted to lower them to $15.00. With the IAFF raising the dues again we may have to raise ours back up.

    Local 3905

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    Lttim Guest


    In watertown we pay 2% of monthly pay so most guys pay over $60 a month so don't feel bad.

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    Our IAFF dues are 1% of firefighter's pay, maximum in grade. The dues are $7.97 per week for all members covered in our collective bargaining agreement (this includes Lieutenants, Captains and the Deputy Chiefs).

    Firefighters: Today's heroes protecting our tomorrows....
    Captain Gonzo

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    hosebeast Guest


    We pay $46 per month.

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    Firemurph Guest


    We pay one hours pay (base ff's) every pay (26 pays a year). This way every time we get a raise our union dues go up.
    We used to adjust our dues about every two years.


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    Slug fd4 Guest


    We only pay $14 a month, but have been trying to get enough members to vote to raise dues for several months now.

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    ffpfaff Guest


    Boy are you guys lucky, we paid 71.02 until we voted to drop a 10.00 assessment last month that had been there for years

    Now 61.02

    IAFF 469

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    Profireman Guest

    Red face

    $71 a month ? you get to sleep with the President's Wife & Girlfriend ?


    thanx to all for the info...was very helpful

    scott tyler
    IAFF #53

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    FM593 Guest


    We are a fairly new local and we started are dues at $20.00 a month to take care of Iaff dues, PPFFA dues and savings. We only have four in our local and this gives us some spending money if needed.

    J. Kulick
    Local 4054
    Whitpain Firefighters

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    ResqCapt19 Guest


    I'm an IBEW electrician and we pay $178 per quarter plus 3% of our gross pay.

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    Gltaylor Guest


    You guys are all lucky. We pay $150 a month. Of course we are only a 37 man local and haven't had a contract in 5 years!
    Fairbanks Firefighters Assoc.
    Local 1324

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    Skidz Guest


    Local 1664 We pay 64.00 mth. 32.00 per check

    Check it out!!



    Montgomery County Division Of Fire/Rescue Services

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    Kobersteen Guest


    $28.50 per month taken out of the first paycheck of the month.


    Houston Fire Department
    Webmaster -

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    FFBill Guest


    We pay 1.5% top step Firefighter 2... or about $81 a month. $12 per month is for house supplies (peanutbutter and ketchup); the rest goes to the local for operation and affilation expenses.

    Fight Fire Agressivly but Provide for Safety First!

    Be Safe!

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    Bleve_30 Guest


    We pay 1.5% of first class rate per month ($65.4.) plus $12.00 per month to coffee fund.

    It covers the bills and pays for travel and education etc...

    IAFF Local 1343

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    Fred Angelo Guest


    Our Local is comprised of just over 1000 members. We have have 2 full time and 22 part-time employees to service our membership and provide Public Relations to the community. The employees make between 11k and 25k annually. We pay 1.25% of our gross annual salary. The more you have to loose the more you have to pay. This works well because as we get raises so does our union. This has keep our local(2928) financially sound through many long battles. As a member of the IAFF your local may request information on dues from other locals your size from the International Association of Firefighters research dept. They are very helpfull with these types of issuses.

    Fred Angelo
    Special Events Coordinator
    Professional Firefighters and Paramedics of Palm Beach County, I.A.F.F., Local 2928, Inc.

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    Lieutenant25 Guest



    For all these various dues and fees, does the union provide any of the following:

    - A Union pension,
    - An affordable Group Medical, Dental,
    and/or Vision Plan,
    - A Legal Services Plan,
    - 401K Program,
    - Burial Expenses

    Just curious about this. Thanks for the help.

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    snowball Guest


    We pay $40.00 per month, that covers satellite tv, daily newspaper, condiments
    (no not condoments) and phone charges with a certain acceptable cap. To gltaylor, we only
    have a 36 man dept. Respectfully, it sounds
    like you guys are getting screwed ! And for leutenant25,we get the pension,and legal services. The district pays for the insurance benifits,50% of the 401K, and that other thing. snowball out!!

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    ffnbs Guest


    20 member local
    1.5% top ff pay.

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    Firediver Guest


    We pay $7.50 every two weeks.

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    rescuebill Guest


    We pay 35 dollars a month.

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    firefighter_1993 Guest


    We pay $56/month. Money Very well spent. We have a very strong PAC team, educated union officials, strong leverage vs. anti-union city officials.

    Local 50, Peoria, Illinois

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