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    Question Ever been to Don McNea Fire School?

    Once again it is testing time for Cincinnati. I have taken their test before and scored a 88 which wasnt high enough to go onto the physical. I went down last week and filled out the card needed for getting into the civil service test. Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from a don McNea Fire School, Inc. Don McNea is an assistant chief from Cleveland that has been running a school since 1950 that prepares people for the testing in big cities such as Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Chicago. The class is a two day course that costs 89 bucks. It says that on a Cleveland test, the number one scorer was a participant in the class. As well as 153 out of the top 200. Seems like good results. Has anyone ever been to this class or heard of it? Im trying to decide if it is really worth my time and money to attend. I ve already got a full time firefighter job, but ive always wanted to work in a big city. Any input would be appreciated.

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    I say go for it, I have not heard of Mr. McNea's program but it can only help you, I have taken many, many civil service tests for many cities and have never made any hiring lists, I then found out about Capt. BOB'S programs, he also helps prepare candidates for the tests of being hired as a career Firefighter....I took some of his advice now currently on the hiring list in my hometown, I think what makes people leary is that someone is charging money for this and that certain program, who knows, I believe this can only help you out in th long run, go in with an open mind, good luck to you, let us know how it goes

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    Well, I would say that if you have only taken a test or two that it may help you.
    Remember though, if you have ever taken the Cleveland test, that residents of the city get 5% extra added to the overall score. So no matter if you take the McNea school or not, if you don't live in the city, you don't get the edge. I have never taken the McNea class, but I have been quite high on Cincy FD and Toledo FD lists. I am in the 70's over all in regards to position on Cincy FD's list and in the 160's on the Toledo FD list.
    For me, it was that fact that I took various city tests and got familiar with them.
    Remember, the school may help you with getting familiar with tests, but you have to do the rest in regards to physical agility, and the big interviews.
    Yes, I am a paid FF. Since the time I have been hired, I have been offered 3 other full time FD jobs. I can tell you that being a paramedic gives you a huge edge with depts in Ohio/Michigan.
    Wish you the best!

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