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    I am putting together a new position for our department for a "firefighter trainee".This willbe for new hires to work for the department before their academy starts.Basically they will become familiar with the department as they run errands,pick up and clean medical equipment,and observe at emergency scenes. I want to know if anyone has a similar program up and running and would be able to share some info.Thx.

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    I do not have any information on this subject, but it sounds like a heck of an idea, get them in there and get them familiar with their surroundings, makes coming out of the academy a little easier knowing where you are going to go.....good luck

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    We just had two new hires start last week, and are the Department is giving them a little "basic" training until their slots at the fire academy open up. They will be able to perform in a support capacity until they become interior firefighting qualified.

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    Our dept puts the new hires on 40 hour work schedule for 2 weeks before the next academy class begins. This gives them a great chance to find out how things are operated around the firehouse and of course get everything really clean.Usually the captain will find a place for the new guy to ride to calls. They are basically told to stay out of the way until they are asked to do something(get a fan,roll the hose,etc..)This is a great way to let your new hires experience a little bit of the job before they go off to the academy.

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