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    Question Leap Year

    How many of you out there, working 24 / 48, split leap day - FEB 29th - into three 8 hour days - to eliminate one shift from working Christmas two years in a row?

    The Union is going to ask for this in the next contract. Believe it or not, there are cities in our area who adjust their schedule for this issue. I was just curious if there were others out there who do this. By the
    way, we do not make any adjustments for Daylight Savings Time. Thanks for your input.

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    The administration would laugh at us if we even brought it up. We all know we work every 3rd day no questions about it. The holidays kinda bounce around and everyone works there share. I dont even think I would ask for something like that, makes ya sound like your whining. Doesnt really bother me to work any holiday. Good luck though if you are trying to accomplish this. I think it would be more a pain than anything else. It would mess up your rotation, not to mention altering pay for the administration.

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    My dept. splits the shift 3 ways, 8 hrs. each with each person who works getting OT at 1 1/2 times the normal rate.

    I used to work for a dept in the "Deep South/right to work state" and they just had you work it as if it was just another day, therefore my unit (A-shift) would get stuck working the holidays 2 years in a row. Just depends on your contract etc...

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