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    how many guys out there have been hired off the hiring list being farther down the list..did your city go in order from top to bottom or did they skip around, just curious, I am in the middle of the list I am currently on, just like anything else there are no guarantees....just hoping and praying, Stay Safe Brothers..

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    We are using zone scoring here in Binghamton. How it works ispretty simple. The zones corelate to test scores, so there would be a 100 percentile, 95 percentile, 90 percentile, etc. Start with the 100 % if there are 3 or more. If not 3 then add in the 95% with the 100% and so on down the line until you have a minimum of 3 candidates. The whole percentile is added in not just enough to get to 3. All are interviewed and anyone in the percentile could be hired. Have to continue to hire out of that percentile until all but 2 are hired or eliminated. Then move down to the next percentile and start over again.

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    I was number 1 on the list when I was hired. The ranking was how well you did on the writen test, the abillity test and the oral interview. The members of the oral interview board took everyones scores and made the list, which was given to the chief. He startes at no. 1 and works down the list.

    Have a good day and be safe.


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