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    Post Safety concern FF / Medic working alone

    I currently work for a small combo dept which is working with a 6 man minimum during the day and a FF/Medic working 14hr night shift alone. Are there any OSHA, NFPA or DOL standard which I can reference to the chief in order to put a second person on with the Medic at night? This is a hugh Safety concern of the Local.

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    Has your union president contacted the IAFF (if you are affiliated with the IAFF)? They would have lots of information for you.

    Is this one ff/medic required to run the calls at night by himself, or does he have to wait for a crew to assemble? What is the average time frame for off duty response?

    At a call, one ff/medic isn't going to make much of a difference at an incident with mutilple injuries, a cardiac arrest (what if the patient is in asystole, and there will be no other rescuer coming? You can only do one person CPR for so long...)

    I would also think that having just one ff/medic on duty would open the community to a wrongful death lawsuit if anything should happen to either the ff/medic or the residents! In my opinion, this is an unsafe working condition!

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    Captain Gonzo

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    Can you give more info. What are the other five personnel doing? Do they respond on an engine as first responders with the medic? Does the medic respond in an ambulance with an EMT? Can't answer your question without more info.

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    Just to answer a couple of questions and to give you some more info. We are affiliated with the IAFF. As far as our manning is concerned we have a total of 14 career personnel, of which 1 is Deputy Chief, 1 is EMS director both are not part of the Local. We also have 5 medics, 4 of which work 3 on 3 off. Taking 3 medics and the DC and Ems Dir out the equation we have a total of 9 career personnel covering the daytime hours. one shift of 4 comes in from 0600 to 1400. The next shift of 4 overlaps from 0830 to 1630, and 1 Mechanic/FF works 0700 to 1500. We all work out of 1 station 5 days a week, excluding the medic who works alone from 1630 to 0600 on weekdays and totally alone on Weekends. When career personnel is on duty response times are under 2 min, when the volunteer side is on the ambulance / fire equip varies from 4 to 20 minutes. The medic responds in a fly car to all calls. What we proposed was a second person on 24hrs mainly for safety then for response & assistance. It's not looking to good for the second person 24hrs, because they rather see us man a second station with to 2 ff's/emt'sduring the day.

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    Thumbs down

    Here are a couple of concerns that you could adress.

    How safe is the FF/Medic alone at a scene involving drugs, drunks, domestic violence? If your alone going through the door back -up may be too late! Can your dispatchers be certain on of the preceding coditions isn't present?

    What does the single FF/Medic do alone at a structure fire with known occupants? Most of us would go in, but this should never be policy. Never mind 2 in /2 out, no partner, is not safe. The OSHA respiratory standard should help you here. Even if your not an OSHA state it is the standard your Chief will be held to in court as it's nationally recognized.

    These points only adress your safety, never mind patient care issues of being alone at a serious EMS call, or multiple patients.

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    We also are a small composite department that runs first responder. In our last contract we negotiated a minimum manning clause that maintains a minimum of two members on shift at one time. If you would like more information e-mail me at bleve_30@yahoo.com.

    Good luck,

    IAFF Local 1343

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    What you may want to do first is check into your states laws regarding EMT's. In NJ , where there are paid EMT's there must be 2 on the rig.Volunteers can have 1 EMT and a driver. Check with the state Dept of Health.

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    just found osha's web site www.osha.gov
    they have tones of info. stuff i didn't even know about!

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