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    Post what was your scariest experience you ever had in firefighting?

    the scariest thing that happened to me...
    a three alarm fire...i was asigned to do a extieror attack with my crew... we headed up the roof to get cut some ventailation as we headed up there was an explosion and i was knocked off the ladder....i suddenly woke up in the ambulance...

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    The scariest fire I attended was a car fire, the call was given to my appliance [ watertanker] as the boss was eating dinner and did not want to turn out on the pump. Any way we pulled up about 5 yards from the vehicle and got work with a brush hose reel and after checking for an LPG sticker on the No. plate I moved in closer and when I got to the car there was a loud whoosh and a jet of flame shot about 3 yards out of the car. I jumped backwards to about where I started and after swallowing my heart got to puting it out. Once I had the fire out I prised the boot lid and found that there actually was an LPG tank in the boot[ not connected ] what had happened was after they had doused the car with fuel they replaced the lid on the can and put it in the boot with the cylinder and then torched it. I'm not sure wether they were trying hurt anyone but it certainly scared the hell out of me.

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    This was a call we were dispatched to when we were on our way to funeral of Fire Captain from a local department. It was 8,000 gallon gasoline tanker. We arrived just after the explosion. From the truck is straight aways both ways, we could see the blast for miles.

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