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    Post Detroit FD Report

    I am curious, how many of you think your Dept is in a similar condition to that described in the series of articles on Detroits FD? I must admit, a lot of it is eerily familiar to my own Dept

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    There are a lot of similarities to the DFD and my own department. The equipment is constantly being fixed. We try hard to take care of what we have. The City fathers sound to be almost the same as ours! No matter what we do or how hard we try we cannot get any support (it seems like) from the council. They have recently bonded for a $3,000,000 recreation center and instilled a new Police Department. They rec center and police are the new babies and the FD has been put on the back burner. We have 10+ vehilces in our fleet. We have a fire station and a "storage shed" that we keep 4 of the vehilces in. We keep our 1st due in the station and if we need a special unit we have to make a 2 block trip to the shed to get the vehilce.

    Keep your heads up!


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