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    Question hiring qualifications?

    What are the minimum qualifications needed to get a firefighting job in your city.
    Is previous experience an asset, recognized degree or EMT certification necessary.

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    Here in the heartland....the same old H. S. diploma, but you also need to be EMT-B certified...but that usually just gets you in to the testing doors...exp., Fire Science Degree helps but not required.....

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    High School Diploma, CA drivers licsense be 18 years old, Non Criminal Background another thing that helps is two have some type of college degree and also be a certified State of California EMT

    Tim Macias
    Engine 101

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    Right now all you have to have is a HS diploma, or ged, a drivers licsense. This changed a couple of years ago. Before you also had to have a FF1, now you have 1 year to get your FF1 and FF2. This coming year we will start running first responeder calls and our new chief is looking at making new people get there EMT licsense also with in that year.

    On having experience it does help but it not the biggest factor.

    Have a good day and be safe.


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    Hey Hammerhead

    Who pays for the new recruit to get his/her FF1 or FF2?
    Is it done internally or by an outside agency?
    How about first responder, who has trained you?

    Thanks for info, Brian

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    In Montgomery County, Maryland Is is required that you at least have the ole HS diploma/GED and that is about it. You will almost be ceretain to get a job if you are a Paramedic. They will do about anything to keep you if you pass the written exam. As matter of fact, we just started and intern program where if you get hired, but a rookie class is full they will but you on the street as an errand runner or Disrtict Chief Aid just so no one else can hire you. So become a paramedic an move semi-close to Maryland because there is no residency requirement. We are testing at least once a year and hiring like crazy.



    Montgomery County Division Of Fire/Rescue Services
    Member IAFF Local 1664

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    sounds like a great dept, are they truly hiring as much as you say, what is your shift hrs? Stay Safe

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