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    Post are there others like myself?

    I am a fulltime firefighter/paramedic that has just recently been diagnosed with migraine-related seizures. Unmedicated, I have one seizure every four years. Medicated, of course, they expect to have no repeat episodes. I have been put on medical leave without pay because the department is having problems accepting the restricted clearance my doctor gave me to return to work for the time being. I was just wondering if perhaps there are other firefighter/paramedics with the same condition who are gainfully employed with a fulltime department. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I was in a similar situation.I was diagnosed with partial complex seizures in 1995. Doctor at that time,(I'm on my 4'th doctor now)restricted firefighting but able to do other safe jobs:roll hose,rehab,etc. Doctor's released me three different times to go back to active duty.After 3 months to one year my seizures would return and I had to start all over again.In June of 1998 I had another siezure. New Chief in office,though one of my good friends in the department.He was unable to find anything else for me to do,even tried to get new position that I could do safely.Was unable to get complete control of my seizures within one year so I was terminated.City polices said that my problem posed an undue hardship and under policy did not have to continue to employ me.
    I have since rejoined my old volunteer dept. advising them of my problem. Also told them I would not drive or do structural firefighting.But as mentioned above,theres lots of other things I can do.Not exactly the same situation as yours,but your not the only one out there.

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    I wish you the best of luck. I have great sympathy for you. I have a friend is a paramedic. He went through a period where he would suffer seizures whenever he was in the back of a moving amublance, and then of course fire apparatus. He was put on light duty for nearly 2 years, and for whatever reason the condition reversed itself, like the doctors said it would, and he is now back on the job. He also no longer takes Dilantin, which he was very happy now that he no longer has the side effects we all know about. I hope everything works out.

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    I am sorry to hear of your problem. I also suffer from migraines, but have yet to and i hope i never do, have any seizures. I have an appointment coming up with my doctor about my migraines and if i find anything out i will let you know. Not sure if i will, but i will try. Good luck and stay safe....brian

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