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    Thumbs up Need some info, can you help?

    My department is going to be making a large purchase of fire helmets and we continually complain about the ones we have now. Well our Chief stated that if we can prove the traditional style helmets are safer and cheaper to maintain he will buy them for us. So can anyone help me out on this? I have already E mailed the manufactures.

    Thank you and be safe!

    Frank Ricci

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    S. Cook
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    If traditional being safer is the requirement and you're wearing a helmet such as the metro, you've lost this one.

    But, what helmet are you wearing?

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    We are currently using a combination of Metro LightForce V and the cheap ugly thermoplastic Bullard FX.

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    If by traditional you mean the leather style there is another option. A few different manufacturers are producing leather-look composite helmets. A nice one that I have seen and tried on is made by Morning Pride. It may be an option, but they are pricey. Good luck and stay safe.


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    We are looking to purchasing the composite lightweight traditioanl style helmets. i.e. Morningpride Ben Franklin 2 or Cairns 1010.

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    Try the ben 2, the outer coating does a pretty good job of protecting the helmet.

    The 1010 and especially the metro start to crack along the crest.

    Leather is just too expensive to push for the department purchasing.

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