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    Question Lateral hires, any problems ?

    Have any of you had any concerns with laterals, such as seniority issues,training
    placement, rookie school, and the like ?

    ??? Did I say that ???

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    Our contract does not allow for a true "lateral" move into our department. But, we place experienced and certified FF/Medics at a higher pay scale than a non-certified recruit. In other words, if you have FFII and Paramedic with some years of experience, you will start one step below the top FF pay. After one year, you will step up to top pay FF/Medic.

    If you possess just one of those cert's or both with little experience, you will start at lower steps, but above the lowest, Step 1.

    One problem we've run into with the city is getting them to allow experienced FF's to move up the scale on the appropriate annual basis. They seem to want to keep those experienced hires at the same rate at which they were hired until they have served the time to move up to the next step as if they had started at step 1. But, we've won every grievance so far. It seems like just a misunderstanding and the contract does not specifically address stepping up when you start at a higher step than step 1.

    If you are a full-time FF in Ohio and you come to our department, your retirement time comes with you, but you will start on the bottom of the seniority list no matter how much time you have anywhere else. But, you probably won't get all of the "rookie treatment" if you come from an urban, full-time department into our urban full-time department. Especially if you show the competence we expect of you.

    We will not send a certified FFII to fire school, that's the cheap way to go and that's usually what determines most of our administrative issues. Same with the EMT-P card - if you got it, that's great! You can get on the Medic right away, just as soon as you demonstrate you know the protocol and have had enough ride time to prove yourself to our EMS officer and Medical Director. Our last hire came from a combinbation department who run under the same protocol as us, so he was cleared as a Medic very quickly. He also has FFII, so we just have to verify his skill level and he'll count as full manning then. I'm not sure what pay scale he started as, because his experience was as a part-timer, not a full-timer.

    I hope this helps.

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    In Massachusetts, you can lateral transfer from one civil service fire department to another as long as the communities and the fire chiefs give their permission. I imagine that seniority and salary would be contract issues.

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    There have been a number of instances where two or more departments have amalgamated. There are typically a lot of problems with seniority and the such. If you are IAFF, talk to your district VP, he will probably be able to give you some direction.


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