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    Post City of Philadelphia

    Just an open note to any and all members of the Philadelphia Fire Department (Firefighters and Fire Service Paramedics) and IAFF Local 22:

    As a citizen of Philadelphia (I reside in E71/L28's local) I want all of you to know that there are MANY citizens out here that FULLY support each and every one of you guys!! I for one, but suspect that I speak for many, woud vote in favor of you guys if this ever came to a referendum!! Mayor Street is out if his fat, bloated, swollen head to think he can spend 1.4 (??) Billion dollars (a lot of which will be tax money) on 2 new stadiums, and continue to ignore the firefighters. Mary, YOU GO GIRL!! And if you guys continue to have rallys at City Hall to support Mary, I will attend as a member of IAFF Local F-267. Good Luck Union Brothers, god bless, and stay safe this holiday season!!

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."

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    Well said ! The brother's and sister's in Philly are some of the best. I have traveled through Philly several times and each time the brother's have treated me well. It's a shame that sports stadiums and teams seem to come before firefighters and paramedics.

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    It amazes me that a city will bend over backwards to kiss the @$$e$ of multimillionaires who demand that the public pay for the facilities that they will use to make a profit and pay other multimillionaires for playing a game while ignoring the very people who protect and serve the citizens of their city! Can you say corporate welfare? Sure you can! Sorry, Mr. Rogers!!!

    Firefighters: Today's heroes protecting our tomorrows....
    Captain Gonzo

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    Everyone stands by the FFs in Philly, too bad the City Govt. does not.....God Bless and Stay Safe!

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