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    Cool Proposed NFPA 1710

    While reading the November 2000 issue of Fire Engineering, I came across an article dealing with the proposed NFPA 1710.

    If I am reading this correctly it would set a minimum response time of 8 minutes, for all of the first alarm units, and a minimum of 13 personal.

    How many of you think that your city will be able to go along with this if it passes, and what will happen to the city and dept if it cant or wont go along with the proposal.

    My dept has 2 stations with 3 to 4 personal on duty each, so we would be in the hole 5 to 7 personal. We do meet the time requirements for most of our calls, but there is always a few that would not meet it.

    Have a good day and be safe.


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    Unfortunately 1710 ISN'T a minimum standard. The numbers they propose are an ideal.
    We respond to a reported structure with 20 minimum and the 8 minute responce isn't impossible for us. Many of our neighbors can't achieve the standard right now.

    1720 is a much better worded standard placing the manning requirements with the AHJ. I personally wouldn't adopt either standard. I would take the necessary steps to meet the manning of 1710, (new hires, auto aid, etc.) because history has shown us that manpower shortages contribute to FF deaths and injuries.

    Stay safe

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    I think that what you are seeing is a work in progress. Both standards give both the volunteer system and the career system a place to start. We all know that manning is crucial and that time can't be wasted. I believe that these standards are put forth to give us a place to start. Of course not everybody will be able to abide totally within the guidelines, but it is a start. I'm sure that with some more research and valuable input from us, both organizations will be able to come up with a realistic and obtainable standard. But we all need to be involved. A standard is only as good as the information supplied to design it. Take care


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