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    Here in our city FT firefighters must live in a mapped boundry which has changed for different people over the years. It starts as a circle but the distance from center changes at different points, the furthest being 9 miles as the crow flies.
    I'm still trying to figure out how it is we can be told where we can live when the only requirement is for me to show up to work on my scheduled days on time. No mandatory recall. They don't disallow the consumption of alcohol which renders us incapable of responsing off duty. They don't tell me I can't leave the radius. So if I'm not required to be capable of responding off duty then why should we be told where we can live?

    This is the only opinion to have, if you're me. If not get your own, this ones mine.

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    In NJ Fire and Police are allowed to live anywhere in the state boundries by state law, altough they have tried to change it a few times. Other public employees can be restricted.In Civil Service towns you they can make you be a resident at testing and appointment time, after that you can move.

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