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    Post Tuition Reimbursement

    I would like to know of other department's tuition reimbursement plans, if any. Specifically: How much money per year? Does coursework have to be related to job? Payback required if you leave employment?


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    $13per college credit for emt,paramedic,and degree in fire science.

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    We have tuition reimbursement but only for an associates in fire protection engineering or a bachelors in fire science. We will get reimbursed for fees, tuition, books, mileage and supplies as long as all of the receipts are handed in.

    There is no penalty for leaving the job so you don't have to be worried about that. I can see why a town would want that little clause added.

    After 3 years on the job, you get paid 5% for 30 credits, 10% for 60 credits and 15% for a degree whether us is an A.S. or a B.S.

    There are some places in Mass. that have what is called the Quinn Bill. You get 10% for and associates, 15% for a bachgelors adn 20% for a masters. nothing stipulated for atuition reimbursement or a few credits though most towns do give something for it.

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    My city, per our contract, reimburses for tuition, fees and books if you pass the class. You have to pay for it all up front and then get reimbursed. The class must be towards a degree in Fire Science or other fire-related field (Hazmat, Emergency Mngt.)

    Our old Chief would just pay up front for guys with proven records of passing, but the new one follows the contract to the letter, which is good and bad.

    I finished my associates and am now working on the BS from Cincinnati, one of the Open Learning Fire Service Program schools. It's a great program, if you are a self-starter and can read and comprehend without the normal classroom interraction of a college course.

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    We reimburse for fire or EMS college classes with a grade "C" or better. If the tuition is for an associates then a one year contract is signed; if for a four-year degree then a three year contract is signed. (You would have to repay the money if you leave.)

    We get a yearly bonus for possessing a related degree.

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