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    I would like to know if other cities are promoting people and not paying them for upto 6 months later? Or, how about saying, If you do not become an First Responder, EMT or Paramedic, you will not be promoted??

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    That sounds like a crock to me. Most contracts state quite clearly that any member in a promoted or acting position receives the higher rate of pay. It sounds to me like the city is trying to get away with something here. If you are doing the job, even if it is a probationary position, you should get the higher rate of pay, period. We recently had to argue that sick time and holidays are at the higher rate of pay, even for a probationary officer position, although not for a person that was in an extended acting position.

    As far as needing the credentials or other certifications, that will vary from department to department. Our promotions are 100% step seniority.

    This sound pretty cut and dry, good luck with it.


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    From our contract, article 12, section B...

    (B) Upon promotion, employees shall receive the maximum pay in grade.

    from article 19...

    Any employee designated by the Chief to serve in a temporary capacity out of his permanent grade shall be compensated for all hours worked by him/her in such temporary grade at the maximum pay rate of such temporary grade.

    On the pay issue, if they are promoting personnel and not paying them for 6 months afterwards, I would say that they owe that individual retroactive pay effective from the date of promotion.

    If according to your contract there is no stipulation to become a First Responder, EMT or Paramedic to be promoted, I would say that the City would have to renegotiate that, as it is a change in working conditions not specified in the contract.

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    For those of you that like to trash the IAFF and/or unions in general.....This is exactly one of the reasons they are needed!!!


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