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    Angry Remember When???

    Does anyone remember when the fire service was filled with firefighters? Today it seems we are nothing but a bunch of cry babies and whiners.I dont see the passion for the job I use to. It seems we have become more about the money, benifits, T.V. time and part-time jobs then we are about the fire service.
    I know the people who read this and enjoy this site are like myself and still have a true love for what this job is about. I just want to know if its a problem here or everywhere?

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    Lt.Todd, Funny you should bring this up. We were just talking about this at work last tour. I have been on Full-Time since 1987 started out as a Call FF in 1983 and it seems to me like that we have a different caliber of personell that are hired. I don't know what it is but the enthusiam and committment is not there. It seems the new hires don't want to get involed with union issues or dept. issues. Maybe it's because we do not have the fires like we use to. It seems after a job we are all "IN LOVE" with each other for awhile. Or maybe likw you said it's all about benefits and $. But I recall from during a Stress Debriefing a while ago one of the counslers said "FF's are A.O.P.'s and I said what He said FF's are Action Oriented People. Think about it
    for a while and it it makes sense

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    LT TODD,

    Good topic, been involved in the fire service since '68 and paid since '77. Couldn't agree with you more. I guess the ME generation has a hold on the fire service. There is alot of talk about tradition, but that's it just talk. Everything is more important then the job, but they believe they're doing things the right way. I JUST KEEP ON KEEPING ON AND WHO KNOWS MAYBE ONE DAY THEY WILL SEE THE LIGHT.. One good thing is I'll be retired when generation X hits the fire service.

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    Where I am from we have hired mostly "cot jockeys"{ Ambulance Medics}They just don't seem to get it, if you know what I mean. Not all are this way. The other day a fellow Lt and I were discussing 1 individual who has seen the light. I hope he is an example to the rest of the "part timers" that some how have invaded the FD. I overheard 1 the other day say that the "Job" was a great part time job because of the schedule. Boy, am I in for a long career

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    I'll agree, it seems like a lot of these people took the job because it offers a lot of time off. I started in '90 and I am a second generation FF. I'll have to admit that the 'fire service' I grew up with isn't much like the one I am working in. As a kid I used to think my dad was working with the greatest most dedicated people on earth, now I listen to the constant griping about having to do anything. I am the only second generation FF on my department(23 man department) and wonder if any of these people had the same thought about the fire service as I did as a kid.

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    I hate when we label generations...it seems in today's society we feel there is a need to place a "label" on everything...I am 26 years old and I am not employed as a FF, I desperately try year after year to get that job, everyone I have came in to contact with in my endeavors to become a FF has shown me that they have the desire, dedication to do this job, who knows what happens once they achieve the goal of getting hired, if they feel that they can just hang " loose". Ii do not understand why, it takes enough blood, sweat, and tears just to get hired, I can not see why anyone would take such a **** poor attitude into such a wonderful job...God willing I know I will not have such an attitude..everyone Stay Safe out there..

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    Look at the "DREAM JOB" post. 1/3 of these people want to get on the job and sit on their a**. Granted every fire department isn't the busiest but it's this "let me get my gear on the truck and then leave me the hell alone for the rest of the shift" attitude that in my opinion is demorilizing this whole job. Every job has it's people that are not carrying their own weight, but the problem today is that the 'new leadership' isn't doing anything about it.

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    LT. TODD,

    Man you got the ball rolling on this one. It is pretty much what you said to many, $$$ and Benefits. I met this guy in 1995 in Champaign, IL. at a pumps class he was from Normal, IL. From that day on I was so ****ed off because I was having a hard time getting hired and he walked right on in. I was a volly then. I asked him how he got hired and he said "I seen the ad in the paper and it paid well and the benefits were better than the ones at my old job so I applied and here I am." I will never forget that man.

    I also see a PARAGOD SYNDROM in the making. I know a lot of good paramedics that have tried hard and enjoy everyday they come to work but on the other hand I know a lot of Medics who think the world owes them something and, bitch from 07:00 to 07:00 and it sucks to have them around.

    I see what you are saying and I agree that there are not enough camaraderie in the fire house as there use to be. I in many ways come here to mingle with other people in the fire service because the some of people in my fire department come to work to go home and, that is it. Well I guess I will stop where I am.



    Member IAFF Local 1664

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    This is something we discuss at work often. I was moved to a new platoon this year, and we are a group that wants to be firefighters. We are a young group (early 30's - Gen X!) and discuss improvements and ideas all the time. There are many members of the dept. who are not concerned with improving their knowledge and skills, and a "We've always done it this way, why change" attitude is omnipresent, but we're working hard to change things. I think there will always be the types I've discussed, but we avid smoke eaters need to make up for them. Don't get discouraged, brothers.

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    Generation Y... WHY... Why do I have to? Why can't I make that much? Why do you have somuch vacation time? Why do I have to ventilate? That's all part of this new generation, We have some on our department. Maybe they will come around with time.

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    I agree with all of you. It seems like you got to pick alot of apples to get a few good ones lately. We used to hire people for paid on call who would show up to the station, after work or on their off time and go through the equipment, find where things are located and what equpment we had on the trucks. Nowadays many just show up for their standby shift and the really big calls.
    Some have more mouths than ears. When I started as a paid on call in 1988, you listened and learned, then you went on to forge your own opinions and suggested improvements. Now don't get me wrong there are a lot of people out there that are in it because they love to do it, it just seems hard to find them anymore.

    Just my opinion !!!

    Eddie C. - a.k.a - PTFD21
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    Thumbs down

    Don't judge everyone from just meeting a few. I am one of these Generation Y's. I love the Fire Service. Money is not important to me, just as long as I am able to help and learn I am happy.

    Stay safe,


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    Red face

    We can blame ourselves(the last 20 years)on this problem.That's the bad part about education.Yes,promoting EDUCATION in the fire service.Kids now can get a 2 year degree and think they want to fight fire.Many have never been married(before getting hired),worked 3 jobs to pay rent or had to work their way through high school let alone college!Call them Generation X or whatever they just want the $.Cities used to hire based on work experiences and reading people at the interviewing process.Now it seems to be if the kid has a pretty resume with lots of education they get hired.Don't get me wrong education is very important,but it seems to me the best FFR's have had to work for what they've got through sweat and discpline.We just hired a 4 year military man,all he does is sits,watches TV and gripes that he's only starting at 32K/year.If you ask him to do something,it breaks his heart to actually work(he's a rookie for crying out loud!)What's wrong with that picture?


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    I have to laugh a little at this one. When I was a probie the old timers where saying the same about us. (The Firemen of the 80's) And now we are talking about the Millennium KIDS.
    You know them, the one with the cell phone responding to a run, or the one on the Department phone running there 1st job (Firefighter is their 2nd job).
    I think it's up to the senior men to stick together and put some pressure on them and to GUIDE them in the right direction. Make them get into the job.
    We are getting people on our job who are book smart but not street smart. It's hurting our job.I just taught one of the probie classes. My 1st question to them was, Has anyone used a power tool before? Out of about 140 more then 3/4 never used one. Don't you think that will hurt us? I know there is no simple answer to this, or a way to fix this now. I just feel if we stick together as senior men we will get our point across to them...


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    I see that we are all in the same sinking boat. At my station we are fairly active and it is well known through out the department that me and my Captain do not put up with sorry-asses. We pride ourselves on how fast we get out of the house, usually under 10 seconds.We talk plenty of **** and we show out at every fire. I think New York was right, its up to the senior men to lead by example. If new people see laziness, they will be lazy. Its up to the company officers and the vets to set the standards.


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    Remember, people of your generation are the parents and teachers of these kids! They learned it from someone.
    Unless they have family in the fire service, you can't expect them to know what to do at first. Tell them. Provide the leadership and mentoring they expect from senior people. Leadership by example will motivate (or shame) some of the laziest people around. Don't be the guy who's only guidance to the probie is "keep busy".
    The CO who worked me the hardest when I was a probie was the best guy to work for. He worked my a-- off, but he told me what he wanted and how he wanted it. Sometime in the day he'd pull me aside and relate some "war
    stories" and just b.s. about the job. I learned more from that one guy about being a fireman than from all the rest.

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    My opinion isn't really worth anything but I'll add it. I'm a 10 year Professional in a mid sized (250 Firefighters) Dept. I was recently promoted to Lt. and due to seniority am assigned to the slowest Ladder co. We work a 24 on 24 off 24 on 5 off schedule. This in itself leads to bad attitudes. Any contractor in his or her right mind would kill for this "part time" job and still have time to make the bucks on the side. I have three firefighters assigned to me who all have less than 4 years in. Granted, I am not a veteran by most standards, I can't believe the attitudes I now have to deal with. We as senior members need to impart our knowledge and drag if necessary these newer members into the fold. We are supposed to be "BROTHERS IN BATTLE" (and SISTERS TOO!!! I do have female firefighters in my house, and they are great in case you asked).

    In 15 years I will be able to retire and I hope that I will influence these newcomers the way the current retirees influenced me. Progressiveness is great but don't forget the things taught by the veterans, especially when you deal with baloon frame construction and very old cities.

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    Gee LT its been my experience that those sort of ppl have always been around, at least in my 17 years. but lots of great guys too

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