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    Post Income Tax Deductions

    Over the years I have heard different stories on what fire fighters can deduct on their income taxes. Does anyone have any information on if a FF can deduct meals and other misc. items that they buy for the tours at the firehouse.

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    I know that in SC F/F's can deduct either $5 or $10 a day for meals while on duty. Not sure on the amount though.

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    I believe you can deduct your union dues, membership dues to Fire organizations and subscriptions to journals such as Firehouse, or Fire Engineering.

    But, asking a CPA is a lot safer and smarter than listening to anything I or any other FF has to say (unless they're a CPA.)

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    Does that go for a medic too?

    D. Hager
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    We will eat smoke and pull out bodies as long as they continue to build them. Just once I would like them to ask one of us how to build it!!

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    You can deduct your dues to professional organizations, (ie, your union, relief association, etc.), professional journals, courses and training related to the job, mileage to and from alarms, drills,classes, functions and temporary duty assignments, personal supplies used at the station, any equipment purchased for the job that is not covered by clothing allowance, uniform cleaning and maintenance, mailing expenses, cellular phones, and paging services.

    And on the eighth day...God created Firefighters!
    Captain Gonzo

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