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    Question Promotional Policy

    I am a member of a very young IAFF local with a very big issue. We are members of a dept. that is slowly transitioning from combination to fully paid. The county administration has approved a promotional policy which allows volunteers (who meet fairly strengent qualifications) to test for the positions of career Lt. and Capt..

    As career firefighters we find this simply unacceptable.

    We are looking for information about how other departments made this transition, and if the volunteers were given special treatment in hiring/promotions.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    My understanding about transitioning from volunteer to paid is that the qualified volunteers that previuosly served in your new area must be offered employment, first. I see no reason why they should be offered rank. If they enter the department, they can test into the next rank following the rules others before them had to follow. As long as your ranked individuals are non-management, I can't see a real reason to pass others on the department. Their experience and education levels will eventually accelerate their progress, if it's genuine. I'm not sure how to handle your Chief, however, if your contract does not specify anything regarding your issue. My department has welcomed new hires from the volunteer ranks and it's saved the city some training money.


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