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Thread: Seniority

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    The police had that kind of of testing here. Where they were given a test the best scores were put on the list for the position of officers. The test had a ton of questions and the test was made so no one person could possibly get a 100%. well the test was administered and all of a sudden you got 3-5 people with a perfect 100%on the test. To find out they were working for the police chief and stole the test the day befor thats why they got the perfect score. I think that you can't base a promotion on just a written test.

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    After reading your post about how exactly it works I tend to agree with that method. As long as there is some sort of check and balance.

    I still feel that in conjunction with seniority there should be some sort of test of underlying knowledge though, which perhaps is addressed in the evaluation process.

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