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    Question Paid Military Leave/Language in Contract

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I'm new to this forum. I like what I see.

    I'd like to pose this question to the wide range of departments/locals this forum reaches.

    Any response I get will help me w/ re-writing an article in our contract.

    What I'm trying to get accomplished is to receive 15 days paid military leave. We currently are granted the leave, but are required to give up our military pay back to the city. (Like most places do jury leave)

    If your contract specifically addresses this issue, I'd appreciate a copy.

    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

    You can e-mail me a link/attachment at:


    Thanks in advance,


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    We have 3 weeks military leave built in to our contract. Second, are you kidding? I get paid for that time by the state and the military. There would be a revolt if they wanted our military pay. I would contact your Department of Military Affairs. That practice sounds highly questionable. Send me you fax number and I will fax you a copy of our regs and contract book about military leave.

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    Exact language in ours is " employees shall receive their salary provided they make up the number of work days missed while at camp; or taking the training required , they may return to the (employer) the money received from military duty and shall then receive full pay for the number of work days missed without having to make up said days provided the training does not exceed two calendar weeks in any on caledar year." In practice my pay just continues when I leave, and I submit my LES with the WORK DATES MISSED and they deduct that many days BASE pay. So if I'm gone 15 days, but only scheduled for 5 24s, I turn in 5 days military base pay. They don't get the BAQ,BAS, etc.

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    We get 15 days of Military Leave per year. You keep both pay checks.

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    The Air National Guard & Air Force Reserve web pages both have a Employer Support for Guard and Reserve(ESGR) site that might be of some help. Check it out and if you have questions they have support to help you.
    Good luck!!

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