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    Post EMS joining iaff local

    our union was recently approached by a local ems service who's people are going to form a union. they approached our local first because of our knowledge in this field. they would be considered a sub part of our local and would have their own officers and moneys would be in separate accounts from ours. are there any locals out there that have had or do have similar situations in their area. if so what are any pros and cons of this. one of the reasons to bring them into our local, they say, is that if we sit down to negotiate contracts and this service is part of another local who makes less wages or bene's than us. the management could use this against us. if they are part of our local, then we could say, we know what their contract is because we negotiated it for them. thanks in advance for any info.

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    In Kansas City, MO, IAFF Local 42 represents the members of the Kansas City Fire Department. IAFF Local I-34 represents the members of the city's EMS provider, MAST.

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    Local 311 in Madison Wi represents 6 different departments. Some of the services are EMS only.

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    Default Ems Local

    There is also an association specific to EMS, I can't think of the name, however we get Firehouse here in the station, and in the back "classifieds" there was an ad for an International Association of Emergency Providers, or something very similar to that.

    I looked for the information prior to posting, but was unable to find the name. It's worth looking into, since EMS and Fire have different needs, be sure you have the right association representing your needs.

    If FIRE has IAFF, it might be a fresh prespective to have a different association represent the EMS side, if thats possible. No matter what, get some type of protection, safety in numbers.


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    Default Seperate

    We had a few folks that wanted the county EMS paramedics in our Local. Thoughts like, more members, stronger union, more financial security, unity, etc were quickly passed around. All valid points, however we voted to help them form their own Local, even giving them start-up money for the charter, etc. The main reason for being separate was that they had different issues, and worked for a different jurisdiction. Sure enough, right after they formed, they sued the county for sleep time issues. They settled out of court, got the rule changed and got some much deserved back pay..... then most of the members dropped out of the Local. If they had been in our Local, they could have ruined everything we had tried to achieve, especially the good working relationship we have with our chief's and local government. The EMS Local even tried to regain strength, but ultimately lost their IAFF charter for not paying per caps.(second time) This is not characteristic of every EMS Local, but I am very glad they had their own Local! Help them out and help them organize of course, but be seperate.

    Glenn Rainey

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    We have this in my county --- I.A.F.F. Simply meaning I Ain't Fightin' Fire. A couple of companies in my county {All volunteer system supplimented by approximatley 120 of us career personnel in 21 seperate companies}

    The main responsibility is EMS and prior to a few companies petitioning for IAFF Membership there was never a doubt that career personnel staffed the apparatus basically every run. Because a particular group of staff members went behind thier companie's back and joined the IAFF the company in turn fixed 'em. "No more fire trucks for the paid guys" at least at the company where this started.

    It's really never been made public why only 2 out of 21 fire companies went IAFF and the remaining 19 are not. Don't know what the reasoning was and may never know. In talking with fellow Career Members assigned to various companies in the county the benifits are basically the same as is the salary and personal time. Some of the Volunteers hate us but most appricieate our presence, and skill --- The remaining companies that aren't IAFF really aren't sure if it's the way to go or not.........I'm somewhat torn as well does anyone know what they're gonna' do for me ?????

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