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    Post Apparatus Staffing

    What is the standard staffing for each piece of apparatus in your career department?

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    Min. of 3 per eng. unless a man is on vaca. then that eng. rides with 2. with only 3 stations in the city we have 9 guys and an asst. on at all times. unless a man is on vaca. then we're short one man. like many depts. ours was drastically downsized over the years. we at one time had a high of over 100 guys on the job. we are now at the lowest we've ever had at 41. we just recently added a postion to bring our compliment to 42 guys plus the chief. for the average day to day ops. we get by. during the busy days, it's tough, but we've learned to adapt.

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    The entire New York City Fire Department staffs it's companies, (Engines, Trucks, Rescues, Squads) with 6 men each.

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    We are a combination dept and we currently staf 5 engines with 1 and 2 ladders (tillers) with 2. The rest of the staffing is made up with vols. who might or might not show up. We have a utility vehicle staffed m-f daylight with 3 who run all calls.Like Johnstown we get by and we manage to save buildings that should be part of urban renewal parking lots.

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    suburb of Detroit, 3 man companies. 4 engines, 2 truck/rescue, plus a BC

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    FDNY = ALL 6 man apparatus ? must be nice

    Hmm... Newman must sit on the Capt's lap lol

    st louis burbs

    3 engine houses
    11 man minimun manning
    13 maximum

    eng house 1 truck= 2 FF...1 engine = 3 ff
    eng house 2 engine= 3 ff 4 at times
    eng house 3 truck= 3 ff 4 at times


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    Seven (7) Engines, three(3) ladders and 2 chiefs on duty. Four (4) members assigned to seven of the companies and five (5) members assigned to three of the companies. Minimum manning of an officer and 2 firefighters. This is usually during the summer months when vacations are heavy. Minimum on duty is 33 with a maximum of 46.

    Kevin M. Fitzhenry, bfdt2@fitzhenry.com
    Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
    City of Bayonne (NJ) FD

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    We have an 8 man minimum staffing per shift with 2 engines(3 men) and a ladder(2 men.) The ladder is combined with our Medic unit, so if we are out on a medic run, there is no ladder company. If more than 8 are working they staff the ladder/medic or an additional medic unit.

    It is far from ideal, but we went from all 2 man companies to 3 man engines and a 2 man ladder/medic. We're still working on increasing manpower, but our city, like all cities, cries poor whenever the FD asks for funds.

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    we can only hope that the NFPA 1710 has some merit when it hopefully is adopted. for the iafc to take the first step in making it happen is great. finding the money to implement it is another story. 4 men min on an eng. what a dream. hopefully some day the norm. if only we could get some fed. funding like the cops get for more men on the streets.

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    We are a federal fire department on a supply base. We run 9 members per shift. Four on the engine and four on the truck with and Asst. Chief. The engine crew covers the ambulance and the truck crew covers the rescue. For an on-base call we run 3 on the truck and 1 on the ambulance, and 4 on the engine. As you can see it gets to be a mess when a second call hits.

    We are in better shape when most in this area.

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    Our staffing is as follows:

    5 engines, 2 ff and a Lt., except E-4, just 2 ff
    1 ladder, 3 ff
    1 heavy rescue, 2 ff
    1 command car, 1 ff and the shift Capt.
    21 on duty at all times, minimum is the maximum, when any one is off sick or vacation, the spot gets filled w/overtime. 8200 runs last year, includes first responder to EMS, no transport. Trying for the 3rd man on E-4, maybe someday. Problems arise from 2 in - 2 out, have to wait for a second unit when a single unit arrives at an incident. We're better off than many, I guess. Contract is very specific about the manpower. Don't have to worry about running short during prime vacation times.

    Leroy140 Fairfield, CT Local 1426

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    4 man engines, 3 man trucks, 3 man heavy squads-minimum. we also have "rescue units "that are teamed with an engine and are called engine companies. These rescue units are staffed with 2 firefighters and the engine with 3. The rescue goes on all non-critical ems runs. The rescue never responds to fires without the engine. Life Squads are staffed with 2 paramedics at all times. These are all minimum with 103 firefighters minimum per day. We have 17 engines, 4 trucks, 2 heavy rescues, 5 rescue units, 5 life squads, 3 batt. chiefs 24/7. We serve roughly 315,000 people in 88 sq. miles with almost 47000 responses. Most trucks and squads have 4 ff per day.

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    4men per pumper
    2 per areial
    2 per rescue
    we respond with 2 pumpers an aerial an a rescue to a structure fire, that gives us 12 men

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    Smoke 286....is that St. John's, Newfoundland? If so....are you guys gonna be hiring anytime soon? How do I get info?

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    6 stations. 3 person minimum at all times with 8 total units in service.

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    Paramedic Engines-5
    Truck Companies-5
    Rescue Squads-5
    Buggies-Chief and Aide

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    Work for a Federal fire dept. We run two engines.
    Minimum staffing is 8+1. 4 members on each piece and an Asst.Chief.

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    4 Around on Engine's and Truck's.
    2 Paramedic's on each Rescue unit.

    55 Engine's. Each with 1 officer,Single Company house's 2 shifts have a Lietenant 1 shift A Captain.1 Driver/Enginer each shift 2 FRO's riding the back.
    21 Truck's all have Captain's as officers. 1 Driver/Enginer, 2 FRO's each shift.
    There engines staffed with Lietenant's all 3 shift's.
    9 Battalion Chiefs. Command Technician is a Driver/Enginer.
    2 Deputy Chiefs with Command Techician.
    2 Airport's with Crash units, staffed with 3 people each. Officer, Driver, 1 FRO.

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    Engine-4 men
    Quint-4 men,midi 2- men (run as one company)

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    four on a pumper, but only 2 on a rescue or aerial

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