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    dr inferno Guest


    After reading about the 5 firefighters being fired for disobeying a direct order I was wondering if you know of any union brothers being fired and the reason why? I had a chief officer tell me he looked into it one time and could hardly find a handful of dismissals and most of the firefighters were reinstated after the grievances were settled. (I would think that the firing rate would be low as it takes too much damn effort to get this job in the first place!!)

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    Captain Gonzo Guest


    My local had one firefighter terminated in 1990. He had lost his driver's license due to a few incidents and never told the Chief about it. Having a valid drivers license is part of the job requirement, and this firefighter was still in his probationary period. I beleive that he was pulled over in his POV in a neighboring community for a traffic violation, and that's when the issue came up.

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    DOG 4035 Guest


    I belong to a large department and every once and awhile you see someone lose their job. In most cases (99.9%) this is not their 1st time in trouble with the job.


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    fjbfour Guest


    I think you'll also find that a firefighter in serious danger of losing their job will resign instead. The brass can make it clear that they can get a termination for a particularly serious boo-boo, union or not. Then the firefighter often will just resign, which saves the administration from the hassle of termination, and a resignation looks a lot better on a resume than a termination when said fired firefighter goes looking for another firefighting job. Not to mention the administration probably won't say quite as many bad things when dialed up for a reference, since the resignation made their task easier, too. Just a few thoughts - I've seen a couple of resignations that came ahead of certain terminations.

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