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    Angry Asinine state regulations endanger firefighters

    The Texas Commission on Fire Protection compliance program is to ensure the safety of the state’s paid fire protection personnel by inspecting fire departments and other regulated entities to see that they are in compliance with state laws and rules.

    In my opinion they have gotten a little overzealous with their enforcement of NFPA 1500.

    The TCFP compliance inspectors routinely write up fire departments whose paid firefighters have "unauthorized helmet accessories" such as flashlights, reflective title decals, department name stickers, and ID tags. Rubber strips and wood wedges are also cited. When questioned by the cited fire departments the TCFP reply is that ANY device not installed at the factory voids the UL or other listing and therefore the additions are inherently unsafe.

    They have even commented that a reflective FD decal may ignite during a fire and adversely affect helmet performance. I think it's a little late to worry about helmet performance when your stickers catch fire.

    Most NFPA standards contain a section allowing for discretion by the Authority Having Jurisdiction. The no-tolerance approach by TCFP endangers firefighters by prohibiting accessories such as flashlights and additional reflective trim or ID number.

    Pray that it doesn't happen in your state...

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    we damaged some helmets in a training burn a couple of years ago. ironically, the reflective stickers provided another layer of protection. we peeled off stickers to find undamaged areas completely surrounded by heat damage. we thought the small amounts of glass used for reflectivity may have added helped protect the part of the helmet under them.

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    Hey LFD, I was just wondering if you were from Lexington and if so, was that a training fire in Lexington or somewhere else in the state? A couple years ago we had a few from Lexington come up to a school in Northern KY. Had some really hot fires and melted some gear. We had a blast with the Lexington crew. They had a woman that was one of the most impressive firefighters ive seen.

    Anything I post in the forums is my opinion and does not reflect my department or any organization I belong to.

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    good word Richard, I woulda just went with stoopid

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    NUMBY:the burn that i was talking was in the state school. but, i also have been with the crew that comes to n. ky for the last 3 or 4 years.

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